FSI Carbon Cleaning: V10 S6


Have you found yourself asking if your FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection) direct injection vehicle really needs that “Carbon Cleaning” you keep hearing about, well the answer is YES! We recently had a 2008 Audi S6 V10 FSI vehicle in the shop for just this service, and it was much needed after 80,000+ miles of use [...]

Cayenne Coolant Repairs: 955 V8 Cayenne S & Turbo


Do you own an early model Porsche Cayenne V8, and have a mysterious coolant leak that you just can’t seem to find? Redline Speed Worx has seen this time & time again.  The 955 Cayenne S, and Turbo engines suffer from a Porsche design flaw which causes this dreaded coolant leak.  The original design of [...]

B8 S4 3.0T DSG / S-tronic Transmission Service


There has been some confusion by S-tronic Audi DSG owner’s and Audi when it comes to the service requirements of the B8 S4 3.0T DSG / S-tronic Transmission Service. The manufacturer has finally clarified the service needs of the transmission, having stated at 35,000 miles the fluid & filter should be changed, with subsequent transmission services [...]

RS6 + Recaro Sportster CS = Match Made In Heaven


Redline Speed Worx is Proudly an Authorized Recaro Distributor & Fully Certified Installation Center.  We are always happy to have the ability to assist our customers with a seating upgrade.  Whether it be for a racing application, an upgrade to a performance based street car, or just for the shear comfort of a properly built [...]

Full Vehicle Alignments: Why This Is So Important


When customers ask why alignments are so important, we at Redline Speed Worx, LLP are so happy to be able to quickly get a vehicle on the rack, and show the owner a 3-D image of what exactly their suspension looks like in its current state. Then we point out the incorrect wheel angles, and ask them [...]



Do you have a tear, burn, rip, or otherwise damaged seat in your high end European Car ? Good News is Redline Speed Worx’s Factory Trained technicians have the ability to completely tear down & repair factory seats. The Owner of this S500 Mercedes Benz was certainly glad to hear we could preform these types [...]

Maserati F1 Clutch: Exotic Service


Redline Speed Worx has begun offering exotic vehicle services here at the shop. In this instance we are replacing the the F1 Clutch in this Maserati Grand Sport LE!  First step is get all the components out of the vehicle. This clean 2005 Maserati does share its “running-gear” with the Ferrari 360′s, so the actual transmission [...]

2.0T TSI Timing Chain Failure


Don’t fall victim to a failed 2.0T TSI Timing Chain Tensioner, Call / E-mail us TODAY to discuss our Updated OEM VW TSI Timing Chain Kit, or else this will be YOUR motor torn down next . . . Our complete kit is available for purchase online! The 2.0T TSI engine found in 2009+ model year [...]

APR B8.5 3.0T Direct Port Programming Now Available!

APR B8.5 3.0T DPP Now Available

Redline Speed Worx, LLP is pleased to present the ultimate APR ECU Upgrade for the complete line of Audi 3.0 TFSI V6 (Simos 8.4 AND 8.5) is now available through APR’s patented DirectPort Programming! We now have direct access to APR’s latest ECU upgrades for loading directly over the vehicle’s OBD-II port. This completely eliminates the [...]

2013 Audi TTRS: Shop Car


Redline Speed Worx is PROUD to present to you our 2013 TT-RS Shop Car! We are SO excited to break into the 5 cylinder platform! In our eyes its the best engine to come from Audi aside from the good ole 2.7T.  In true RS WORX fashion we are going to be putting a TON of #legit-go-fast-parts [...]

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